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Livia is an experienced Travel Photographer with a serious case of Wanderlust. Five and a half years ago she packed up her bags and moved 10,000 miles from her hometown of Sydney, Australia to the other side of the world, living in Geneva, Switzerland and now Lyon, France.

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 Lyon has some incredible murals! Can you believe this entire thing is a mural except the flowers and the man in the centre front ?  This huge mural called 'Mur des Canuts' ('Wall of the silkmakers' area') was first painted in 1987 and repainted with a different design in 1997. . What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?  . #lyon #murdescanuts
 Did you know❔ 1. In Aix en Provence there are 3 giant books (3 French classics), one of which is "Le Petit Prince" ("The Little Prince"). Blogpost about Aix coming soon! . 2. The Little Prince has his own Instagram account. He'd love it if you'd go check it out!  @lepetitprincelyon
 Lyon still surprises me with her beauty  Tell me: Which city surprised you with its beauty❔ .
 This is part of the beautiful house that houses the Lumière brothers' museum. They were from Lyon and were the founding fathers of cinematography. Funnily, lumière means 'light' in French.  . Look at the stunning peacock lights!
 Lyon you have some pretty cool street art! Hello Mr Giraffe!  . Yes, I am wearing boots. One day it's 33° and 3 days later it's 16°. Bye bye summer... autumn is here.  .
 This stunning garden was created by Jules Senis. He spent 20 years creating this 'extraordinary garden' dedicated to his mother. In the 1950s he contracted throat cancer and it was his dying wish that his garden is completed. . In 1983 at his death, his friends, family and admirers created an association for preserving his masterpiece. . This stunning Gaudi-like creation full of seashells and succulents is open to the public free of charge (but only on Sat 2-5:30pm). . See my InstaStory for more!