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Thank you for your interest in working with Livia of Chamelle Photography.

I am an experienced traveller (20+ years), expat (7 years), photographer (20+ years / 9 years professionally), photo retoucher (20+ years), videographer (3 years), graphic/web designer (20+ years), blogger (20+ years) and social media expert (4-9 years) who is passionate about showing everyone how beautiful, wonderful and interesting our world really is.

I have completed an MBA in Digital Marketing and Social Media (in Lyon, France), an honors degree in Visual communication (in Sydney, Australia) and diplomas in Web Design and Business. I also have experience with journalism and film.

I am trilingual, a native English and Chinese Mandarin speaker and fluent in French.

I grew up in Australia and have lived in France and Switzerland for the past 7 years so I know these three countries very well.

Please see my fohrcard for my current social media statistics.


What can I do for you?


I’ve been doing photography nearly my whole life and know every facet of photography. I have spent 7 years studying photography. I’ve been using Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, etc) for years, if not decades. If you need any tips or advice about photographic composition, cameras, software, apps or where to buy such-and-such, I am the person to ask!

I am also a keen Instagrammer (with currently 20.3K followers) so if you have any questions about this amazing social network please feel free to ask me as well. I’m also familiar with all the common photo editing apps.

As I have lived in France for a number of years and have travelled to over 95 cities within the country, I am a France travel expert. As I speak French I am also able to converse with the local people.

Need help planning a trip around France or Western Europe? Need a customized itinerary to suit your budget, travel length and tastes? I love planning so let me help you plan!

Need help booking train or bus tickets, especially between 2 different countries? I can help!  I’ve taken trains all over Western Europe. BONUS: I can also show you lots of ways to save money too.

I’m an Airbnb accommodation expert, having been a photographer for them for 6 years (seeing hundreds of different properties) and having stayed in dozens of properties over Western Europe. If you’d like help in choosing a property, or a location, or conversing with French speaking hosts, I can help! I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Lyon Tours. I offer personalised English/French/Mandarin speaking tours around my beautiful (current) hometown, Lyon, France. As I a photographer I also offer photo tours, showing you the best views and vantage points around the city.

Want to start a travel blog? I can also offer you advice having done a web design diploma, having created my own WordPress theme, being fluent with XHTML and having set up multiple blogs. I can give you advice about hosting, choosing a blogging platform and choosing a theme.



I have worked with various brands (click here for client list) and would love to partner with you if we are a good fit. I am happy to promote any product which is aligned with my blog with products relating to travel, lifestyle, food, fashion and gadgets. I’m always happy to work with any brand promoting items or activities relating to The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) too!

I will provide you with top quality styled photographs and/or blogposts. I can also write the blogposts in French. The photos I take of your products will be diffused on all my social media.



I have previously worked with Atout France Australia (French Tourism Board based in Australia), Hello World (travel agency in Australia) and Only Lyon (Tourism board for Lyon, France).

I will provide you with top quality styled photographs and/or blogposts. I can also write the blogposts in French. The photos I take of your services/attractions will be diffused on all my social media.

I would like to work with country/city/regional tourism boards or companies which offer services or activities for tourists.


Do you have a suggestion for a partnership? If so I’d love to hear from you! Thanks!

You can either email me directly at or use my contact form.